Andromeda - Be Svendsen

Andromeda – Be Svendsen

Andromeda – Be Svendsen is an Indie Dance track that is inspired heavy by old-school Disco and Synth Pop music. Andromeda is a “Galactic Disco” track, as the producer puts it. It is a totally groovy track that serves many purposes. It can be a groovy opening track to a DJ set. The track can also be used in the latter half of a mellow downtempo set. But it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your set.

I instantly fell in love with Andromeda – Be Svendsen. That is why I made sure I got my hands on it. But I wasn’t able to find a place for this track in my latest Deep House Set. It is a deep track, but with a groovy disco vibe.

Andromeda – Be Svendsen

Be Svendsen is a Danish Musician who is known for producing obscure genre House and Electronic music. He labels his music as “Tarantino Techno”. Personally, being a huge Tarantino fan, I am already hooked! But you don’t need to love Pulp Fiction to love Be’s music. Its Eclectic, Downtempo Vibe is superb and sounds unique and authentic. I have become a big fan of this man’s music literally overnight!

It’s worth taking a look at Be Svendsen’s well-written bio here –

I love how Be’s writing team describes his music on both his bio and on the Andromeda track. Heres an excerpt from the Andromeda Soundcloud page:-

Andromeda invites the listener on a evocative journey. Far from your average club track it is a dive into an analogue realm of nostalgia, with a rock-feel drum beat and a classic analogue synth melody-line leading the way to a vibraphone breakdown and a drop that turns everyone a hero.

Be Svendson
Be Svendson

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