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Hey, It’s me, Jameel. I have been working with DJ software since the early 2000’s. Back in those days, House Music was blowing up in a very big way. You could say that it was on a very large and global scale. I used to DJ at small House Parties and mostly in my Bedroom. By day I was an Admin Clerk, and in the evenings I was busy practising my skill as a DJ. This would later become the absolute purpose of my existence and the way I would lead my life.

I later moved to another city. Got a New Job and New Gear. I converted from a Digital Laptop DJ into a fully fledges CDJ master. This was possible due to countless hours of work that I put into my Stanton C.304 CDJs and M.304 Mixer. Not as good as Pioneer, But still really good.

Stanton C304

Back then there was no Google and Youtube. And to be honest, even if there was, I had no internet. Just these decks and some Groovy Beats. I had to learn Beatmatching and how to DJ the very hard way. Which was on my own. It did take a lot of time and dedication, but I eventually got there. I managed to develop such an awesome skill. A skill that I would use until today. And a skill that I am willing to share with you.