Jamz in da house 02

Jamz In Da House 02

Jamz In Da House 02 is a long-awaited return to my successful mix Album. With so much going on in my personal life and career, my music took a serious and sad backseat in my life priorities. The Mix came at a time when I was really down and out. But it was also a time when I had acquired some dope DJ tech. My setup was amazing and it helped me get through some tough times.

This Mix gave me hope and insight into a much happier and brighter future. One that would surface in the years to come. The music here is uplifting and inspiring. The theme of this mix is old school soul and funk. I hope you enjoy and appreciate every second of it.

Jamz In Da House 02

Jamz In Da House 02 is a dope blend of Funky House, Deep House, and Tech House music. There’s a greater old-school vibe going on here reminiscent of the 80s and 90s epic RnB music. The reception that I got for this mix wasn’t even anywhere close to the First Mix. The main reason for this I guess was that the mix was very experimental.

I see this mix as a milestone mix because I let loose and did whatever I felt like creatively. I also incorporated different genres while maintaining a similar theme of old school music remixed to modern beats.

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