Kaos - Detmolt

Kaos – Detmolt

Kaos – Detmolt is a super bass heavy Deep Tech track. It has a slow tempo that is well suited to a group of seductive drums with a thick layer of bass on top. The artist and label have determined that Kaos is a Techno track. If you plan to use it in a Techno set, it will probably work at the beginning as part of the sets warm-up tracks.

I recently used Kaos – Detmolt in one of my latest sets. You can find all my DJ Mixes with new Deep House Music on my Mixcloud Page.

Kaos – Detmolt

Detmolt is an underground House and Techno Producer. He specialises in slow-paced Deep House beats. Very Mellow slow tempo stuff with Phat Basslines. The kind of stuff that nice to chill to, but with enough juice to get you dancing. I also particularly enjoyed his live DJ Set at RESET. I dig this dudes music and I will certainly follow him on his musical journey.

Detmolt’s latest release ‘Kaos’ was released on underyourskin records. A German record label that has released some masterfull downtempo stuff. They are even responsible for the amazing Kyrill & Redford – Mutterkorn EP.

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