Stone Town - Armando Letico

Stone Town – Armando Letico

Stone Town – Armando Letico is a deep, downtempo house track. The track has a very mellow and meditative vibe, as described by the German Record Label 3000Grad (Acker Records). The distinct melodies and solid house drums offer a somewhat upbeat rhythm. I used this track in my most recent DJ Mix. Somewhere towards the beginning of the set, which is where it is best suited.

Stone Town – Armando Letico

I couldn’t dig up enough of info on Armando Letico. But this guy sure knows how to produce solid downtempo music. The description on the tracks SoundCloud page actually has some very cool info on Stone Town – Armando Letico.

If you listen to Armando Letico’s productions on your headphones or your home stereo, they have a very mellow, even meditative vibe. That’s because of the intricate, highly musical texture which he creates from rich overtone harmonies and ethereal sample collages recorded in places like the mystical Stone Town or the tropical Jada Temple. But if you crank up the volume, there’s also a very compelling moment of danceability: The sleek flow of the bass and the pounding depth of the kick drum have a similar effect on your body and your mind like those first warm rays of sun seeping through a sudden gap in the clouds of a spring sky. Mollono.Bass keeps his remix rather laid-back and enigmatic, as well, creating the perfect tune for the early morning hours of a party.

Armando Letico

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